Siam Center

In keeping with the young and sprightly theme of the place, Siam Center has positioned its food hall perfectly likeable to the young and trendy shoppers who flock there en masse. 'Food for Fun' (f) is a funky place that even features it own DJ booth...

Food for Fun

If you want to eat in a clean and cheerful atmosphere, eat well and not pay the earth for it, this is a great option. The bright orange and white interior and casual, spacious seating make this a happy place that fills up quickly. There are stalls selling huge helpings of quality fare at excellent prices. Some of the cuisines represented include Japanese, Korean, Thai, Northeastern (Thai), Chinese and Italian. There are also fresh fruit juices, shakes and smoothies to quench your thirst, and ice-cream, gelato and yoghurt to put the seal of approval on an enjoyable meal.

There's a vegetarian stall with five different cooked meals, as well as a standard menu - all of which reasonably priced. Overall, there is a fantastic array of good, cheap and scrumptious food to choose from, and the atmosphere is relaxed. Throw in a DJ booth from where an in-house radio station broadcasts groovy sounds all day long, and you have the perfect spot to fill up that empty gap during a shopping spree.

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