Baan Klang Nam Restaurant

STYLE: Seafood

Dress code: No

Reservations: Necessary

ADDRESS: 288 Rama III Soi 14, Bangkhlo, Bangkok 10120 Tel: 0-2292-0175, 0-2292-2037


An atmospheric, large clapboard house with a wooden pier over the Chao Phraya River offers a relaxed and friendly eating environment for small and large groups alike.


The food is authentic and delicious, ideally suited to the mainly al fresco setting right on the river. The menu helpfully includes pictorial representations of the dishes to assist foreign diners with their menu selections. Although the essence of simplicity, the house speciality crispy noodles should not be missed; it is well prepared here. A visit would not be complete without sampling fried crab with black pepper, but be prepared to attack this dish handson, the sense of touch enhancing the taste of crab meat infused with spicy black pepper. Needless to say, fish is in abundance. Try steamed goby with soysauce, perfectly fresh and succulent. Meat lovers will also enjoy fried ostrich with black pepper and baked goose legs with noodles. And for the adventurous, the menu also extends to exotic sounding snakehead fish, duck's tongue soup and goosewebs. A limited dessert menu includes sticky rice with mango.

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