Petchsaichon Restaurant

With cool atmosphere mingled with smell of the earth and splashing stream amidst lush greeneries, nature lovers can enjoy a variety of food at Petsaichon Restaurant.

The restaurant’s entrance might not be eye-catching, but you will be fascinated by stunning natural surroundings inside. Petsaichon is the restaurant built on the area of 18-rai property on foot hill near stream branch from Lam Takhong Dam in the province of Nakhon Ratchasima. Besides the restaurant itself, in the same area are featured banquet room, accommodating up to 1,000 people, private karaoke rooms and lodgings surrounded by refreshing natural environment.

At wooden table under the shady Longan tree, our appertizing meal is started with “Yam Pedsaichon”, spicy salad served in fried-taro Kratong. Next, taste “Gaeng Som Cha-Om Choob Khai Tod”, sour curry with fried egg-dipped cha-om (Acacia Pennata), and “Pla Tabtim Goey Had”, specially selected Tabtim fish with luscious toppings. Finally, finish our fresh delicious dinner with “Tod Man Pla Grai”, mouth-watering fried fish cakes made from Grai fish meat.


360 Mittrapharp Rd. Pakchong District,Nakornratchasima Province 30130

Tel: +(66) 044-311778 , 313936 , 313023

Style: Thai

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