Neil's Tavern

Named after the American astronaut, Neil Armstrong, the restaurant is probably best known for their quality steaks and seafood. Soi Ruamrudee is set in old-world, tavern style with red brick, dark wood beams, and romantic lighting, while Neil's Tavern at Asoke features the same menu, it is set in a brighter atmosphere with cream-colored furniture. While the Soi Ruamrudee location seats 200 persons, the Asoke branch restaurant is smaller with just around 80 seats.

Opening the menu introduces guests to an extensive list of starters and its hard to select just one.

if you like Escargot, it is served French-style, with garlic and clove and the list doesn't stop there. Baked sea scallops, oysters, along with shrimp, lobster and seafood cocktails are on the list with about 15 more choices.

If you’re a fan of soups, then you will be in heaven as there are at least a half-dozen choices of creamy seafood-type chowders and an equal amount of creamy vegetable choices. There is even Garian goulash and Ox-tail soup.

One of the highlights of the menu are the steaks and the best way to describe them is just to give you a list of the succulent choices. Charcoal-broiled USDA prime steaks include a New York Steak, boneless Rib-Eye, Prime Rib, and T-bone not to be over shadowed by the Kobe New York Steak, charcoal broiled Kobe beef from Japan. There is also Rack of Lamb and Australian Lamb Chops topped with blue cheese, along with Foie Gras Steak, Australian Beef Short Ribs, and Chateaubrian for one. That selection should satisfy any beef lover but carnivores can also select from a choice of about six styles of Pork Loin, an absolutely delicious duck confit with cranberry sauce and about six more styles of Chicken.

This is a menu filled with excellent quality dishes and the wine is equally impressive as it is carefully selected for the food and offers a nice choice of old and new world wines covering the affordable to the indulgent.

Neil's Tavern
58/4 Soi Ruamrudee, Wireless Rd, Bkk
Tel: (66-2) 256 6874
Steaks / Seafood

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