Le Beaulieu Restaurant Bangkok

Classic French cuisine makes many demands of the chef - adherence to strict rules, an understanding of special methods and techniques, skills acquired after long apprenticeships in the kitchens of great restaurants.

At Le Beaulieu, Chef Herve Frerard knows what a great dish requires. His sauces, the foundation of haute cuisine, are created under the strict, time-consuming rules he has learned in major restaurants in Europe.

Yet French gastronomy today is constantly transforming. Out of tradition, aesthetic sense, and culinary history is evolving a re-interpretation of French haute cuisine into "French Contemporary", where elegance underlies a subtle simplicity, and fine ingredients are presented with a clarity of taste.

All these are elements you'll find at Le Beaulieu, where the 200-year-old French culinary heritage is re-interpreted in a contemporary setting.

Le Beaulieu Restaurant Bangkok
Sofitel Residence, 50 Sukhumvit Soi 19, Bangkok


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