Patty's Fiesta, Mexican Cantina

Sitting at the corner of Patpong and Silom Road, you'll often find Patty on hand. She is as colorful a personality as the restaurant's interior array of Mexican decorations. The raised floor gives an extra dimension to the downstairs while there is a romantic corner in the back of the room for that perfect intimate moment. A stairway leads to what appears to be the third floor and a nice vantage point to look down at the bar area of the restaurant.

The menu offers most of the typical Mexican favorites. For the main course with the Chicken Fajitas which is available in either beef, chicken, pork or shrimp. Included are flour tortillas that you can pile high with salsa, sour cream, guacamole, fried rice, red beans & salad. The flour tortillas wee definitely not made in-house as they had the taste of the packaged "El Paso" type tortillas and the quacamole wasn't much either. I looked forward to ordering a nice big beef enchilada, only to find out this most common staple of a Mexican meal is not available.

The Blueberry Chimichanga dessert, a mexican-style egg roll filled with blueberries (obviously frozen, but ok) and served with ice-cream. There are house specialties, such as; Fried Snapper or Salmon prepared with garlic & chili sauce, a selection of 8 Thai dishes, a few varieties of spaghetti and even a T-bone steak in mushroom sauce that I wouldn't recommend.

All the traditional cocktail favorites are offered. Unfortunately, there are only a few mediocre wines ...French, Australian, & Argentinan, but fortunately there is a good choice of beer, including Corona, eventhough many seem to order the regular, blue or strawberry Margaritas.

Located on Silom Road at the entrance of Patpong, you'll find the prices are more expensive than most other Mexican spots around town. (I guess becasue the location caters mostly to foreigners and it is an accepted practice for that part of town to hike the prices).

Patty's Fiesta, Mexican Cantina
09-111 Patpong - Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Tel: (66-2) 632 7898
Cuisine: Mexican Food
Open: 11:00AM - 2:00AM

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